"The Unsuccessful Artists' Handbook"

Last week I discovered that I was awarded an Artist Fellowship Grant from DCAH, which (now semi-ironically) I will be using to produce a book of drawings and writing titled, "The Unsuccessful Artists' Handbook." This is partially inspired by the ceaseless supply of horrible instruction guides regarding how to be an artist, which I always pick up hopefully and then put down again in disgust--mostly with myself, for continuing to fall for it--when I see they all say the exact same thing. Please note that this will not be an actual handbook. But for that, consider yourselves lucky.

Work in progress for Aviation Meets Art

Next on the pipeline is a show at the College Park Aviation Museum, which opens November 9. Even if you can't make it to the opening, I'd highly recommend checking out the museum at some point if you're in the DC area. It's a quirky little museum with beautiful lighting and all sorts of fascinating flying relics.