Landscapes, and unrelated thoughts about insomnia

This past year I've undergone frequent bouts of insomnia, which can be very convenient, artistically--on a good night I stay up late, have some crappy cable show running in the background, and crank out a few masterpieces. But lifestyles and schedules change, and on the nights that I can't sleep, I now only turn to drawing reluctantly, after staring off into space has worn itself thin, and I need to do something to pass the time. On a sort of related note, artists who manage to channel their rage, or pain, or unhappiness into art impress me. Personally, I've found that if I'm feeling horrible about something, there's just no place for those feelings to go, especially not towards anything particularly creative. Even when I am feeling sad and somehow manage to extract a drawing from it, the result usually winds up looking like a caricature of sadness, rather than the real thing.

Anyhow, the two drawings below were done in non-witching hours, in short bursts on my commutes. The one on the bottom is in the process of being screenprinted.


The Bus Ride