The Bachelor Cat, and other updates

1. I finished a mini comic, The Bachelor Cat, which you can purchase on my shop for $4. All actual Cat Bachelors--they know who they are--can have one for free. Sorry, ladies. 2. I am going to be participating in a group show at Delicious Spectacle in Columbia Heights called One of Five, which opens this Friday. My work will be on display with the lovely and talented Project Dispatch artists.

3. I updated my What Should I Read Next? flowchart to include some favorites from 2012 and did some other reorganization. You can see it and share it on

4. If you are voyeuristic and/or curious about my work environment, I created a Studio Viewer, where you can see my studio, annotated. It's Beta now (read: still thinking of ways to make it better) and  I'm thinking of expanding this project, so drop me a line if you'd have suggestions or want in.

Part and Parcel Opening Saturday

I'm very excited to be participating in Part and Parcel (it got some nice write ups about Chandi's vision for the show in TBD and the Huffington Post). Opens this Saturday night at 8 at the Fridge in Eastern Market! I'll have one of my rarely seen larger works on display, along with my mystery piece. Official description:

Work by Frank Adams, Keli Anaya, Deborah Anzinger, Chris Chen, Rachel England, Jessica Ford, Elizabeth Graeber, Becca Kallem, Chandi Kelley, Regan Kireilis-Helms, Stephanie Kwak, Jon Lee, Dana Maier, and Kristoffer Tripplaar.

The expression “part and parcel” is used to reference something that must be done or accepted as a part of something else. Without the venue to sell works on a small scale, many artists wouldn’t have the means to create some of their more substantial works. Part and Parcel is an opportunity to showcase large scale works by Project Dispatch artists while emphasizing the importance of the subscription. We will be displaying one piece next to each large work that will be wrapped in brown paper to represent the subscription. Part and Parcel installation shot - Photo by Chandi KelleyPatrons will be able to purchase the larger work or take a risk on the smaller, wrapped piece by the same artist. These smaller works will be the beginnings of subscriptions, but will remain unopened until after they are purchased. By showing these seen and unseen works alongside each other, we want to emphasize that the project is an integral part of the practice for the artists involved.

Back, and stickier than ever

The Philosophers I remember attending the Roger Gastman street art lecture at the Corcoran earlier this year and hearing him speak disdainfully of stickering. Too easy, I think, was his criticism. Instead of having to go to the trouble to surreptitiously spray ink on a wall, any schmuck can grab a pack of stickers and take to the streets. I’m no stickler for process, so I’ve embraced stickering.  Not only are they convenient, but they allow me to be faithful to my original drawings. And it's fascinating (at least to me) to take the same image and see it interact with various environments.

Anyway, it’s good to be back! My blog-abandonment has been due to not having a permanent address until the middle of last month, but I am pleased to say that I now have spacious studio set up that’ll allow me to do some damage. Also, I will be participating in a pop up gallery for DCWEEK this year, so stay tuned. In the meantime you can see the most recent work I've done on my Tumblr, and also subscribe to my drawings via Project Dispatch.