Applications galore

I heard it's considered bad form to write about all the things you're applying to because then you're stuck blogging with your tail between your legs when you don't get accepted; but God-dammit, I spent the last two weeks working on a grant and a show application, and I want to kvetch about how exhausting it was.  And there's another deadline July 23! Good God. On the plus side, I've always been the sort of person who likes carry all of the groceries to the door at once, rather than break it up into shorter, lighter trips. Might as well cram all of the Artist Statements / Proposals / JPEG burning into a reduced timeframe, and then get on with the real art-making.Maier.Dana.7.CoversationsSeries2 On the plus side, I found time to start the Conversation Series (pictured), which I've been mulling over for awhile. And it looks better than how I imagined it would. I worked on the first batch on a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the Portrait Gallery atrium, listening to Harry Potter and two tourists discussing the atrocious cost of their cafe brownie. I'd say, "good times" but honestly, that doesn't even begin to describe how glorious an afternoon it was.