Two reasons I'm looking forward to fall

Both of which are Nick Hornby related. There aren't many authors who make me giddy with delight, but he's one of them. My autographed copy of A Long Way Down that he inscribed, "Love, Nick Hornby" (!) at a book signing for Slam is on my 'sentimental things I'd save if there were an apartment fire' list. I adore all of his novels, and the movies that were based on his novels--an impressive feat for an author to pull off, at least for me. Usually when I see film adaptations I spend the whole time thinking, "Oh for crap's sake! That character would never do that! They left out the best part!" and so forth, which is why I find Harry Potter movies virtually unwatchable. But A Long Way Down is my favorite. It's about four people who meet on top of a roof  intending to kill themselves for separate reasons, but instead decide to go the non-suicide route, and begin the messy process of living their lives. I recommended it to my mom and two friends (one of whom I had to force-read it to, until he conceded it was worth his time) and all three of them agreed it was very good, for what it's worth.

Anyway, in October An Education gets released in the States, which Hornby wrote the screenplay for:

And in September his new novel, Juliet, Naked comes out.


Nick Hornby quotes from his books.

Hornby on why recommending books to other people is presumptuous, but he's going to give it a shot anyway.