New critic in town

A few weeks ago I was wandering around Eastern Market and though, what the Washington DC art scene needs is a critic. The best critics in my mind are the ones who are both thoughtful, accessible and interesting, but also have a way of talking about art that seems above all, extremely accurate. And just for good measure, the critic should probably also be a little bit of a jerk, insofar that nothing is more galvanizing to an art community more than a common enemy and artists can often get very defensive. I would nominate myself for this role, save the fact that I don't have a thick enough skin for the job, and also that as an artist myself, there may be a conflict of interest. By the same token, I have nothing to lose. The last artistic achievement of mine was having a drawing selected for the 2008 Transformer auction, which didn't sell; at the last count, my website has received an average of 1.7 hits a day, most of which last under twenty seconds. In other words, I'm obscure enough to be unthreatening, but also genuinely interested in the art that is being created in Washington DC, and would like talk about it some sort of forum.

So stay tuned. The next entry here will be a piece of my own work, but also cover whatever show I happen to see, and I promise to hold nothing back.