The truth, or at least as close as I can get

The dirty little secret about why I don't update this website very much is not because I'm shy about sharing my work (exact opposite, really; I would plaster anyone's wall with my drawings, given the opportunity) but because I have entirely no idea what to say about what I do, and I'd feel bad about making something up. Seems insincere, after all, and besides which I'm not a good enough liar to make an explanation sound convincing.


All I can say is that like any piece of art, it started from nothing, and then I had a pen and maybe liked the way one shape looked next to another shape, or the way a certain lines had a certain kind of texture, and then all of a sudden there's an image, one that might seem a little sad, or pointless or boring or incomplete, and it's there. And for no particular reason, either, other than a passing inclination that drawing something would be a satisfying use of my time. My question is, and has always been, how is anyone supposed to talk about this? How do you talk about something you do without knowing why you're doing it?