Here is New York

On the left is a raw sketch for a new interactive map I made based on New York City, its home now on my projects page). I had the idea of creating a map in this vein for awhile -- the original title was much less SFW -- and cranked it out on an unusually productive Sunday afternoon. To be fair, I left out a lot of the admittedly good stuff about New York in order to keep the integrity of the thesis, including my cousin Laura's amazing studio in Williamsburg, the view from the top of the Museum of Art and Design, and the unfortunately-named Burp Castle which is a bar where the bartender shushes you if you talk too loudly, which I so wish bartenders everywhere would do. But overall, I think it's safe to say that the city hasn't quite embraced me with open arms. (On a side note, I am pleased that the two projects whose ideas I blatantly swiped both resulted in pleasant receptions from their original creators.) I'm working on a similar map of DC now, but am finding that writing up the little blurbs is far more difficult. If you hate a city, it's easy to find you have lots of things to say. If you like a place -- or at least don't find it maddeningly cruel on a daily basis -- it's too easy for all of your comments to sound gushy and dull. But stay tuned.