Best of Artomatic, Floor 2

Ben Tolman gets my "Best of" pick for the second floor--his exquisite drawings, semi-crude presentation, and oversized, overtly-honest statement all seemed to strike the right note for AOM: Ben Tolman

In case you can't make out the writing on the wall, it reads:

Hello whoever you are, here are a few drawings I made. Your [SIC] probably tired from too much walking around so feel free to sit in my chair here for awhile. Take a  look at this stuff here on the wall or the stuff I left for you on the table. If you like some of this stuff you can get it on my website! Please put something in my guestbook so I will know you were here. I especially like it when people leave me little drawings. That means you. Oh, one more thing by the time you read this I will have just gotten married and I will off wandering around Europe, so I won't be here to keep an eye on my space, so if you don't mind, tidy it up a little for me. I hope I at least provided you a little entertainment while you rested up. And I hope you enjoy the rest of you [SIC]  day.

Ok, bye.

Ben Toleman

I took his suggestion and sat down to leave him a sketch. It's difficult to draw in someone else's sketchbook, I realized (how easily the part of your brain that allows you to work uninhibited gets switched off).

Apparently, his statement also inspired one of his viewers to write a confessional as well, which I thought was sweet:

Ben Tolman guestbook