Art on the road

Crowd One - Dana Jeri MaierHere's a lesson learned this holiday season--tedious travel delays are quite handy for producing drawings in bulk. A cancelled flight to England, long lines, a bus ride, airport waiting lounges, more long lines all resulted in about fifty new coaster images. Clearly there’s a lot to be said for art that’s portable, especially when it comes to international travel. Once I arrived in England (I was having a British-style Christmas, which I’m happy to report, wound up being every bit as magical as it sounds) I didn’t have long uninterrupted blocks of time to work, though I managed to get a few drawings in of the Saint Paul’s Cathedral and crowds in pubs, and some castle-esque structures in Cambridge. Plus I got a chance to bop around some galleries in Mayfair, the highlight being Chris Beetles Art Crowd Two - Dana Jeri MaierCrowd Three - Dana Jeri Maierwhich specializes in illustration (including Arthur Rackham(!), and a whole room of Quentin Blake watercolors).  It was salon-style, four rooms and two floors, with books and loose artworks scattered around--messy, but in a charming way, and an excellent contrast to the sterile White Cube.

And now, it's DC and real life again, which means that art-making is no longer filling up dead time, but being done at the expense of other activities. No bad thing there, I guess.