A few new cartoons

I feel about as comfortable calling myself a cartoonist as I do calling myself an illustrator (that is to say, not at all) but I've been trying to get better about scribbling down my ideas before they get pushed aside by other art. Here are a few, plus some accompanying sketches those fans of showing your work: My museum map... MuseumComicWeb

...which was born from this doodle. (In case you are wondering, my Sacred Childhood Painting is Watson and the Shark, at the National Gallery. Now of course, I can't look at it without wondering why the shark decided to only eat Watson's clothing while leaving the rest of his body intact.): MuseumSketchesWeb

My cartoon, 'Crossroads' CrossroadWeb

...and here is the original doodle in my sketchbook. photo 2

And finally: "These Things Are Not Allowed." NotAllowedWeb2

Original page (you will find a few items that did not make final cut): photo 1

I was debating typing this versus writing it by hand, but finally decided the handwriting was more appropriate for the notes-you-tell-yourself feel I was going for.

Anyhow, some or all of these may be published in the next Mutant by the comic book shop Atomic Books, which is still my favorite reason to visit Baltimore. The anthology will be free with a purchase, so if you need recommendations of comics to buy, I am always happy to oblige.