A peek inside my studio

Ready to take a peek inside the art studio of your typical Washington DC-based cartoonist-who-also-works-out-of-her-bedroom? All right then! Here we go: 

Yes, I clean it off before sleeping on it. 

Yes, I clean it off before sleeping on it. 

A side effect of working out of my bedroom, is that naps are often part of my "creative process." I have mostly come to terms with this.

It also means that my bed often doubles as a second desk. The one I do all my work on is here: 

I envy those artists who are able to work clean, but if I’m not making a mess it means nothing is getting done. 

To the left of my desk is my magnetic bulletin board. If you have mailed me a card or a letter in the past three to five years, there is an excellent chance it is here somewhere. 


Below is my bay window, which is yet another surface where I store wheat pasting photocopies, use as a cutting station, and pile all of my art that has yet to be sorted. You can see a sneak-peak of my next wheatpaste here:

More storage shelves: 

My old filing system (left) and my new filing system (right). I used to hate the Container Store on principle (“how is it that we have so much stuff we need an ENTIRE STORE to buy items to store our stuff?!”), but now I am now a true believer. Their filing cabinents put all others to shame: 

Here are some non-alphabetized bookshelves, "Understand Modern Art Instantly" breath spray, an original Tim Kreider drawing, and one of my favorite Saul Steinberg New Yorker covers purchased from the print guy at Eastern Market. 

More unalphabetized books! The tchotchkes are from a trip to Turkey. The metal shelf to the right is a spice rack from Marshall's I had some notion of turning into a hutch for my desk until it turned out to be the wrong shape. 

And finally, the beautiful turret outside my window, which sneaks into my drawings from time to time. One morning in December I even woke up and saw this: 

What are the odds?! 

What are the odds?!