Travel notes

I spent the ten days after Thanksgiving traveling throughout Barcelona, Avignon, and Paris with my mom. It was my first visit to Barcelona, and I was curious to see the Gaudi buildings, since the dripping architectural stuctures in my drawings have been compared to him (okay, one guy said that, one time, but I took it to heart). We went to the Sagrada Familia on a Monday in November, already swarming with fellow tourists at 10:00 AM, but as the guidebooks tell you, nothing prepares you for the impact of seeing it for the first time. That thing is not only huge, it's...bizarre, but wonderfully so, because it's not how a church is supposed to look. Sagrada Famillia - Barcelona, Spain It reminded me of a cartoonist I once heard giving a presentation, talking about how he never was able to finish panels. "I just need to add more stuff," was how he put it. And I knew exactly what he meant. A lot of artists don't know when to say when, which I don't mean as a criticism, but as the highest possible compliment. It's the kind of obsessiveness that gives you thinks like the Sagrada Familia, or Chris Ware cartoons, or anything else that requires devoting oneself, full-throttle, to some sort of grand artistic cause, regardless of whether or not it's sensible.

The images below are the four small drawings I did while I was traveling (mostly in cafes, or on the train while looking at the countryside and listening to the new Steve Jobs autobiography, which I highly recommend). I also have high quality prints of works available at the Pleasant Plains, which has a closing party this Tuesday, if you still have last minute Christmas shopping. Barcelona - Dana Jeri Maier