What Should I Read Next? A flowchart

It turns out that my previous flow chart is going to be used as a teaching tool(!) for a workshop on writing artist statements. So, following on its heels I've created one on reading. I mean, in case your book club needs a few pointers. This might be a first draft though: I really need to add One Day, How to Be Good, The Things They Carried and some other favorites that wound up getting excluded for no good reason.

What Should I Read Next - Dana Jeri Maier

Is my artist statement done? A flowchart

I've been in a didactic mood, apparently! So yeah, one of my pet peeves is art writing, particularly artist statements, which I believe get an unfair free pass at being annoying at best, and poorly written pieces of garbage at worst. So to help eradicate the problem and teach myself a new design skill in the process, I've created a helpful flow chart: ArtistStatementFlowChart


You're welcome.