Fish wearing scarves, and other gems

Awhile ago I decided that I needed a mini portfolio of sorts. Something that the viewer could hold in their hands, emphasizing the intimacy of my small drawings and containing information about my work that didn't sound like text I'd been forced to write for a grant application. So I’ve created 8x5 inch folios that have prints and various statements about my art, completely ripping off drawing inspiration from Edward Gorey's Twelve Terrors of Christmas and my own scrawled 'artist statements on a coaster' I'd created last year. Fish Wearing Scarf - Dana Jeri MaierStatements About Art - Dana Jeri Maier

This project, which I thought I’d complete in a weekend, took lots and lots of drafts, statements I abandoned for sounding too whiney or defensive, and two trips to the Paper Source, which is one of those Ikea-esque establishments that you look forward to visiting, but prompt you go just a little insane upon stepping inside. But I'm happy to report that I am now on the homestretch, and pleased with the results.

I’m also working on these two pieces side by side, (one is 3 feet by 4 feet, the other 16x20 inches) which I like, though like much of my work, both are stuck in an infinite loop. They are the sort of drawings that will never, ever feel done, I can tell; the kind that make me feel grateful for deadlines when the work is forced to come to some sort of conclusion. For now though, I'm enjoying the ride:

Work in Progress - Dana Jeri MaierWork in Progress - Dana Jeri Maier