Study in contrasts

I don't normally discuss my drawing process -- mostly because it's actually one of the least interesting aspects about my art-making, or at least so mysterious that I don't have much to say about it -- but here's a small tidbit for you. The drawing on the right was started in September, forgotten about, revisted in earnest this winter, and subsequently overworked within an inch of its life. The drawing on the left is the do-over, currently unfinished, but one I am feeling much better about.

In other website news, I updated my about page, for those of you who might care about such things. Includes a handy guide of my default imagery.

"Off in a Corner" Opens Friday, April 1

Coaster drawings, at the Passenger - Dana Jeri Maier Huzzah, almost here! My joint show with Adam Dwight opens at the Flashpoint Gallery on April Fool's Day. For the record, I've completed about 450 titled coaster drawings for the final show (to prevent the viewer from facing a wall of 400+ "Untitles," which would just be cruel). Adam will have five new paintings, a sculpture and a hand-drawn animation, all reflecting the life of MADD founder Candy Lightner.

Details directly from the Flashpoint below; hope to see you there. And if you need me this weekend, I will be buying my weight in artists' tape and comparing prices of laser levels.

Adam Dwight & Dana Jeri Maier: Off in a Corner Opening Reception: Friday, April 1, 6 – 8pm April 1 - May 7, 2011

Adam Dwight’s gouache paintings and rubber puddle collide with Dana Jeri Maier’s ink drawings on drink coasters for Off in a Corner, a two-person show that manipulates the line between fine art and illustration. When juxtaposed, Dwight's and Maier’s farcical and cartoonish narratives reveal a dark absurdity to the characters and relationships depicted within.

Art + Coffee Program Sunday, April 10, 1:30pm - Presented in collaboration with the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Luce Foundation Center Art + Coffee Program

Pink Panel @ Flashpoint: Drink + Draw Thursday, April 21, 6:30pm

Exhibition April 1 - May 7, 2011