The G40 Summit pre-review

Tomorrow or the next day I'm finally going to check out the G40 Summit in Crystal City, which I am more excited about now that a) it received both a negative review and a positive review in the Washington Post (both of which made good points, though I think Phillip Kennicott might've been a little too gratuitous with his definition of mediocre--how is it "defined in part by its insistence on being heard," exactly?), and b) I read that a few of the artists took the graffiti concept to its logical conclusion and got arrested for painting on the side of the building. The reason I never became a huge fan of most graffiti is actually similar to Kennicott's, in that I find it horribly repetitive--though to be clear, I'm referring to the illegible-tag-with-poofy-letters kind of graffiti, in which the concept doesn't go deeper than marking territory. But I am looking forward to the show, because it seems to contain lots of excellent draftsmen--including Ben Toleman, whose work I adore--and a fun batch of art that would be difficult to track down in most DC galleries. So, pictures and a proper write-up to follow.