Spraypaint vs. Micron pens

Been a good weekend, artistically speaking. I finally got around to setting up a new drafting table (thanks, Yeon-Woo!), and snagged a spot in Blended at the last minute, courtesy of screen-printer extraordinare Anthony Dihle. This is a group show by Albus Cavus, organized by AIGA and looks very promising so far.
Blended - Dana's wallBlended - Albus Cavus and AIGA

Monday was day one at the space, a soon-to-be-demolished warehouse across from the 9:30 Club. I attacked the concrete as best I could with brushes, until breaking down and asking to borrow a can of 181's spray paint, who working on a neighboring wall. It was my first time using spray paint so I spent a very sweaty-but-not-altogether-unpleasant day learning how to vary the weight of a line, and that I shouldn't cut corners on a respirator.

Also a few shots of my Inarticulate Series in progress, which as you may have guessed, I'm still trying to properly explain. Title subject to change, depending on how I figure that part out. All are 18x24'': Dana Jeri Maier - Inarticulate Series in progressInarticulate Series in Progress - Dana Jeri Maier