Genesis opening Friday

I get spells of insomnia every so often. There’s the bad kind, where you’re convinced that you’re about to fall asleep at any moment for about three hours--"never fully asleep and never fully awake” as Edward Norton’s character in Fight Club so aptly puts it--and the good kind, which is a 2 AM second wind. It’s a wonderful time to work. The harsh edges of the day have softened, and you’re more relaxed, open to revelations and entertaining thoughts that are not possible to have at any reasonable hour. You might crash unexpectedly and wake up when the alarm rings at 6:32 feeling groggy, but it’s nothing a cup of coffee or four won’t cure. The drawings I will have on display for the upcoming EMP Collective Genesis show were mostly done in these wee-hours, which opens this Friday at the Fridge and is up through the weekend. Details can be found here, and the Facebook event here.