Donut a Day

The Chessmen - Dana Jeri MaierCory Oberndorfer asked me to participate on his delicious Donut a Day site, so do check out my contribution. He claims that he was inspired by my Flashpoint show (aw!) but I am more impressed by his ability to update a blog every damn day, which I actually think is much taller order than drawing 50 bazillion coasters. Well, we all have our mountains to climb. Summer Fling Drawing - Dana Jeri Maier And since I haven't posted in awhile, I'm adding a few images of my recent work, including a piece I drew for the We Are Monsters show at Pleasant Plains, and a new sticker edition, and something that I started as a study for a larger work that’s my drawing equivalent of a summer fling (that is, I’ve been having fun with it, but am not sure where it’s going). And I finally updated the drawing section here too, which has been long overdue.