Book neurosis

There's a quote from a bookstore owner of Idle Times I read a few months ago on BYT:

Why must people live so safe? Find a book, and if you hate it, well, that’s life. Would you rather discover what you love through trial and error? Finding a good book is like ordering at a restaurant, find something with ingredients you like and try it. People are too safe. Before they go somewhere they have to look up on the Internet if they will like it. Just go! Maybe you hate it but oh well, you know not to go there anymore. You discovered something about yourself, about your preferences.

That is very good advice I am unable to follow.  I am horribly guilty of book-researching, falling prey to the mindset that I can’t read just anything.* I just finished the Downtown Owl, and while I'm still haunted by the ending, I'm now stuck in that anxious, familiar spot; I need something to read RIGHT NOW, and it has to be something good, and that I know I'm going to like.

People with good taste taste similar to mine can recommend good books, but it's still a bit of a crapshoot, and so far I haven’t found that one source who can unequivocally tell me what to read next. I would very much like to meet such a person though, or at least read their blog. A Book Recommender is right up there with Travel Buddy or Awesome Roommate; meet someone who possesses those real life qualities, and it’s probably as close as you’ll ever find to a soul mate.

*My audiobook addiction is probably to blame for this--don’t want to waste my monthly credits, after all.