Back, and stickier than ever

The Philosophers I remember attending the Roger Gastman street art lecture at the Corcoran earlier this year and hearing him speak disdainfully of stickering. Too easy, I think, was his criticism. Instead of having to go to the trouble to surreptitiously spray ink on a wall, any schmuck can grab a pack of stickers and take to the streets. I’m no stickler for process, so I’ve embraced stickering.  Not only are they convenient, but they allow me to be faithful to my original drawings. And it's fascinating (at least to me) to take the same image and see it interact with various environments.

Anyway, it’s good to be back! My blog-abandonment has been due to not having a permanent address until the middle of last month, but I am pleased to say that I now have spacious studio set up that’ll allow me to do some damage. Also, I will be participating in a pop up gallery for DCWEEK this year, so stay tuned. In the meantime you can see the most recent work I've done on my Tumblr, and also subscribe to my drawings via Project Dispatch.